Pepes Piri Piri

Pepes piri piri

"Piri-Piri" means "pepper-pepper" in Swahili. In Portugal it specifically refers to a very small chili pepper known for its bold flavour.

Christopher Columbus returned with Piri Piri seeds from his second voyage to the New World. These were spread by birds and farmers and soon the peppers flourished throughout all of Africa.

The Portuguese combined the Piri-Piri chili with a variety of spices and lemon juice to create the distinctive flavour of Piri Piri sauce - and now, throughout the UK, the team at Pepe's Piri Piri are able offer their customers a diverse selection of delicious chicken dishes. They pride themselves on the quality and affordability of their food, and their ethos is centred around their staff members. With new stores in the pipeline, get in touch to find out more about working for this new and innovative brand!

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