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Back in March 2010, we topped the Sunday Times Top 25 Best Big Companies to work for list. Of all the awards we've won down the years, it's probably the one that's meant the most to us - mainly because it was Nando's people explaining why our company is the best of the best.

Nandocas are people who bring the Nando's restaurants to life with their unique personality and passion. They may do different jobs, but they're all working towards the same goal - to serve the best chicken in the world to delight customers, while having fun together. And we can promise you this - a hard-working Nandoca will have always have a great time at Nando's.

If there's something that really sets us apart from the rest of the crowd, it's our approach to doing business. We believe that making money and being profitable should always be fun. What is the point of coming to work in a miserable, uninspiring environment? Nando's is a very positive company with serious ambition - we do tend to measure a good year in the amount of laughs we have had too!.

Talk to anyone, from Nandocas in the restaurants to Patrãos and beyond, and they will tell you all about Nando's from their experience - click here to find out what some of our Nandocas say about life at Nando's.
It's the people that make the chicken

We believe beyond reasonable doubt that Nando's serve the best chicken in the world. But it's not just about the chicken, it's never just been about the chicken. At Nando's it is the people that make the chicken, along with their unique approach to life and loving what they do. This is what truly makes Nando's special.

Our Nandocas are fired up to serve our great chicken because they have been surrounded by Patrão's, Managers and Managing Directors who are all just as fired up. Their passion is contagious. There is a natural, stimulating energy in Nando's coming from our Nandocas, and that brings our restaurants to life with a personality and vibrancy that sets us apart.

There's real life and soul in our restaurants - and that's before the doors are open to customers!
Join us for the adventure of your life!

We know where we are heading - we are on a never-ending journey of discovery. We are forever learning about ourselves and each other, and thinking up exciting new ways of working together to become even more successful on every front. As we venture into new territories and markets, the challenge is to keep everyone just as excited and inspired as they have always been.

If you want to join us for the adventure of your life then book your seat. Remember to pack your passion for hard work and always have your sense of humour up your sleeve. In return, we will make sure you get all the training, development and support you need to build a lasting and rewarding career.

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