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5 Star career opportunities at luxury London hotels!

Guoman are a chain of luxury London hotels with the aim to be an international deluxe brand, driven by quality and the highest standards of individual service. To achieve this, they need to be passionate, believe in their vision, and be excited about the journey they have started.

Hotel guests tell them that it's the Guoman people who really make staying in any of the Guoman London hotels such a memorable experience. Every person, no matter what their position, has an important role to play in making their service standards come to life. People like you, in fact.

If you become part of the Guoman team, all kinds of possibilities lie ahead of you. You may be looking to make a career in what you're doing now. You might want to gain experience in other roles and departments. Or maybe you see yourself as one of their future managers. Whatever you want from your career with Guoman, they'll do all they can to make it possible.

Guoman is a growing brand of London hotels and their culture reflects this: a vibrant blend of trust, respect, teamwork commitment - and fun.

Guoman would love for you to join them on their journey - they will take you as far as you want to go!

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